Volunteer Diary

John and Lesley

Visit to The Gambia

Life Changing Experience: An Education for Us All

We have just returned from a wonderful week in The Gambia.

They say you never stop learning.  This was true for us, two teachers from the UK, during our wonderful visit to the Gambia with FSF. We were given as much as we gave. We had a heart-warming  welcome from the whole of Kwinella village, with thanks and dancing. We saw the improvements made by FSF at the Kwinella Lower and Upper Basic schools, the Kwinella Lower Basic Annex and the Clinic.

We then had a few days in which we had the opportunity to work with the friendly, enthusiastic students and staff. We completed a craft lesson making kites, kindly given by a school in England, and the students also produced some lovely letters about their lives for a book going back to another school in the UK. The children then came in on a Sunday with their teacher for more lessons! We enjoyed observing a lesson and delivering one ourselves. They enthusiastically responded to the singing of action rhymes,  story telling,  poetry, drawing, craft activities and the writing we did with them using Library resources supplied by FSF.

It was over all too quickly. It was such a privilege for us to  meet the helpful FSF Team and the staff at the schools and the clinic and to see how the money we have helped to raise has provided valuable facilities and resources to the community. Our enthusiasm to be involved in on-going and future projects is fired up and we will never again see the world in the same way.

Thank-you FSF-a small but warm beautifully formed charity!