Our work in The Gambia

FSF are currently raising funds to continue to: sustain The Fresh Start Hub for Education and Training, support existing schools and community health provisions such as eye clinics, and agricultural and environmental projects.

Educational Projects

FSF is focusing on the following areas of development:

         Renovation and restoration of rural schools.

         Establish libraries and ICT suite for schools.

         Supply schools with sustainable water (borehole) and electricity through the use of solar power.

         Supply stationary, uniforms and school furniture.

         Raise funds to provide free school meals to underprivileged children.

         Provide tools and seeds to support the establishment of school vegetable gardens

         Develop art and craft workshops.


Community Health Projects

The Kwinella clinic is an inspiring health centre that provides health care provisions to approximately 14,100 people. The clinic is accessed by 36 villages and attends 39 child births a month. At present, Kwinella only has one ward that is shared by all the patients.

It provides triage assessments and clinical intervention to people suffering from malaria, malnutrition and other illnesses and provides both anti and post natal care with very limited resources. The intervention provided at the clinic is paramount to individuals who cannot afford transport to the hospital (33 miles away). As part of our community development projects, the FSF have; Renovated the clinic and provided electricity and water, Supplied voluntary medical staff and Supplied medical equipments and medicines.

FSF also run community eye clinics and aim to provide medication, glasses, after care, fund operations and deliver eye education workshops for as many people in need as possible.

Agricultural and Environmental Projects

FSF run agricultural projects that train young people on horticulture, animal husbandry and woodland management by planting fruit trees and vegetables. The young people benefit by learning new skills and improve their nutrition. This initiative will provide a source of income for unemployed young people and contribute to environmental preservation in the areas where bush fires are a major threat.