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Volunteering news

Since January volunteers have painted, planted, taught and much more making a lasting difference to the children and communities in Kwinella. FSF would like to say thank you to everyone who volunteered – your hard work is greatly appreciated.

FSF is now recruiting volunteers to work at several schools in the lower river region in January 2011. If you are interested in volunteering with FSF but on a different date then we ask that you travel in a group of a 4 (minimum) and we will do our best to facilitate a fantastic  volunteer experience for you.

For more information on volunteering please go to our website or visit our facebook page ‘Fresh Start Foundation The Gambia’ for FSF’s volunteer photos to see their work in action. The photo shows the fantastic Dr. O’Regan working at the Kwinella Clinic in April.

Please email Rebecca at for more information or with any questions. Hope to hear from you soon!