Sammy Goes Peak Bagging!

Sammy, who volunteered for FSF in January 2009 decided to complete a 5 day trek in Peru in aid of FSF and wrote a short blog along the way. “My round the world trip wouldn’t of been complete without sweat and tears shed in support of Fresh Start Foundation. After booking the INCA TRAIL in Peru I realised that personal determination alone won’t be enough to get me up to the tip of the lost city: Matchu Pitchu. I collected sponsorship from afar using Justgiving, the more I raised the more I was inspired to make it to the top!

The 5 day trek which took us 26miles up steep peaks, down uneven mountain paths , battling with altitude sickness and awakening in tents in freezing temperatures to set off in the middle of the night to continue the climb heading for the lost city… It was definitely worth it!

Day 1 was demanding but manageable, with some minor climbs ending at a camp called Huayllabamba at about 9,700 feet, where beer and pop were available.

Day 2 offered the biggest challenge, as we ascended to roughly 14,000 feet, yielding postcard-perfect panoramas of the Andes. The grueling climb included “the gringo killer,” with its hundreds of stone steps elevating us higher and higher into ever-thinner air. We arrived at our campsite in Macaymayu, at 11,822 feet, exhausted from being out of breath all day!

On Day 3, we started to explore Inca ruins, many of which had been used as lookout posts for guards of Machu Picchu. After several climbs and descents, we arrived at our camp in Phuyupatamarca; now we were at 12,024 feet.

Day 4 Walking, uphill, steep, hot, tired.

Finally, Day 5 brought us to Machu Picchu. The city was discovered and we examined the intricate Inca stonework and architecture.

My goal complete and with the support of friends and family I have raised pounds and pennies that will help the vital work that FSF are doing. I must say I left my heart there on my last visit!”