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The Annex


The writing on the wall says it all.

Poverty: The state of not having enough money to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing.

This picture shows a school classroom, a classroom that needs, quite frankly, to be demolished and rebuilt. The school have no money to do this so 130 children are being taught in the two classrooms opposite. They are receiving an education. However…

This school is known as The Annex and it is here I met bubbly, enthusiastic and happy children. They do not receive  meals  at school as there is no cooking facilitates or indeed money to fund the food so consequently they do not eat all day whilst at school, they do have clothes albeit a little worse for wear and they do have homes (please watch the videos on our Volunteer page for a more understanding). However, to see firsthand this school jammed pack with singing, smiling faces has motivated me to ask you for help. The Annex needs everything from water, food to resources and FSF are concerned with the health and safety risk that the building in the picture poses. So, if you could and would like to help make The Annex into a safe learning environment then we at FSF would love to hear from you soon.

One day things must get better, one step at a time.