Restoration and Renovations at the Kwinella Clinic

The FSF is supporting the Kwinella Healthcare Clinic that is a basic but inspiring health facility serving 14,100 people. The FSF is pleased to report that the charity has facilitated some great improvements at the clinic from building restorations to the installation of water and electricity.

FSF have funded the restoration and renovation of three derelict buildings. The buildings are now being used by the staff at the clinic as residential premises. In addition, electricity has been installed and is supplied to all three buildings that consist of 16 rooms. This has provided the staff with comfortable accommodation within the clinic grounds. Prior to the restoration work the clinic was experiencing lack of medical practitioners because of insufficient staff accommodation. The clinic was also experiencing overcrowding in  rooms that were unsuitable and had three members of staff sharing one room. We are pleased to state that the provision of new staff accommodation has contributed immensely towards providing effective health care delivery because the accommodation has proved to be a great motivational factor for staff.

A safe drinking water supply has also been restored at the clinic to supply both patients and the staff with constant clean water.

 These improvements have had a significant positive impact on the health and well being of the communities within the Lower River Region., for example pupils are now receiving free medication. This is a further incentive for parents to send their children to school.

An additional benefit that FSF’s intervention at the clinic has created is that the clinic is now able to accommodate leprosy and tuberculosis specialists who will be permanently be based at the clinic to provide the much needed services to the surrounding rural villages. We would like to say thank you to all our supporters for enabling us to make this dream of the villagers a reality.