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Eye Clinic Update

The FSF is currently running community eye clinics conducting eye screening, paying for operations and providing antibiotics and other medications to disadvantaged rural communities on monthly basis. This is done by hiring an eye specialist who travels once a month to rural communities to conduct an eye test, provide medications and refer serious cases to a hospital for operations or further investigation. At present, the FSF is covering rural villages that have very limited access to medical services and cannot afford to pay to see the Doctor or to buy medication. Since May 2011 FSF have screened over two thousand people. FSF are pleased to announce that all individuals whom have undergone eye surgery now have their sight restored and are able to go back to work or school and lead a productive life. In addition, many people living in abject poverty use traditional medicines which have devastating consequences often leading to blindness therefore, FSF envisage continuing to provide these rural communities with screenings and teaching them about eye care.