Volunteer Diary


The trip was fantastic the most breath taking experience ever. I have been so inspired by all the people that I met there and haven’t stopped talking about everything since I got back.

Working at Tendaba Lower Basic School was a culture shock for me as it is completely different from teaching in England. The children are so enthusiastic and eager to learn new things. Being greeted by the community as warmly as we were made everything such a pleasure, seeing the children’s faces as they came into their classrooms on the Monday morning after Sammy, Lil, John and I had painted them and fixed their desks over the weekend was fantastic, and worth every minute.

From the minute we arrived everyone was so very welcoming and helpful, and made us feel like we were part of the community. The ladies of Tendaba organised and invited us to a cultural dance. They had done this to show their appreciation to us for working with the children at the school. I thought that this was a kind gesture and they were so giving, I felt that they gave more than I ever could as I have gained so much from this experience it had been a pleasure for me to involved in such a wonderful project I didn’t need to be thanked for anything. But I have many thank yous to make, I would like to thank Nyima for her support and guidance throughout the trip she is a fantastic coordinator.

Thank you to all the staff at Tendaba Lower Basic School for making my experience so rich and being so willing to help, get involved with the activities and helping us to make the time there so successful. They are all amazing people that do a fantastic job with limited resources, they are positive and hard working they are a credit to themselves and all the children they teach I feel that I have learnt a lot from these people and I am truly grateful for this. I want to thank Lamin and Rebecca for their hard work in arranging everything and checking we were all OK throughout the trip, to his parents and family for making us feel so at home and welcome at their celebration in Kwinella. And most of all to the children and community of Tendaba for making my time there so very special. They will stay in my heart for ever and I wish to return as I am missing them already and saying goodbye was the hardest part of the trip.