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Lush skydive fundraiser

On Friday 25th June 11 Lush employees successfully completed a skydive to raise funds for a rice milling machine for the women of Kwinella. To date, women have to beat every grain out of the rice, millet and corn with a wooden pole. As you can imagine this is a great challenge especially in the heat.

This back breaking task is completed  daily with painstaking effort to feed their families. For some women this physical hardship is part of their everyday routine with some completing the pounding with a child on their back. Therefore, providing the community with a milling machine will help the women in the village to mill their grains easily and much faster.

Another good thing about the milling machine is that it also produces a powder which is used to feed the livestock so both people and the animals will benefit. So a big thank you to all the skydivers.

If you would like to fundraise for FSF please do not hesitate to get in touch!