Volunteer Diary


It is impossible to even think of words to stress how incredible my time spent with FSF in the Gambia was. I spent the most amazing ten days of my life there with the most fantastic people – the inspiring FSF representatives, my fellow volunteers and the warm, loving people of the community of Kwinella. On my return everyone says ‘tell me all about it’ – and I’m literally stuck for words to describe it. Every moment spent there was incredible. I am a student at university, who works part time at lush, and jumped at the chance to go to the Gambia with FSF. I was suprised at how simple and smooth the transition was, and the personal touch from Lamin and the rest of the team creates your own home from home!

I was part of ‘team smurf’ who painted Kwinella Lower Basic School inside and out a beautiful shade of blue! Such a small thing had visibly made a vast difference to the school atmosphere, the children, and the headmaster (especially after we painted his house, he thought he was moving into a new home)! Other groups of volunteers also helped to create the beautiful vegetable garden, using it as a teaching tool along the way – very creative! The more artistic members of our volunteer team created a map of the gambia and other fabulous murals. One of which is the newly created and beautiful library – which I envy I never had such a good one at school!

As well as working hard, there were plenty of smiles, laughter and jokes along the way. The children were warm-hearted and loving, fighting over who gets to hold your hand! It was impossible to not be smiling, or to not have a child near you for at least 10 mins! I miss them now I’m home! And their wonderful families, who opened their doors and hearts to us – I will be forever grateful.

My experiences volunteering with FSF have changed my life! Lamin and Rebecca in the Uk, and the board members back in the Gambia, are the most admirable people for the work they do. Don’t hesitate to contact these wonderful people as you are steps away from the best time of your life,. I hope to be joining you once again!