Mosquito Net Success

Since FSF launched their Mosquito Net Appeal in March 2010, 1500 Mosquito nets have been distributed to the people of the Lower River Region (LLR) and to those who were affected by the 2010’s rainy season’s flood. FSF are extremely grateful to all of our supporters that have enabled us to do this.

We are also grateful that we were able to respond to the pledge made by the Gambian Government Disaster Management Committee who were asking for donations to help victims of floods. Floods that destroyed homes and properties of many communities.

We are now appealing to our supporters to continue the appeal because the Kwinella Healthcare Clinic reported that the cases of malaria in the LRR has decreased since FSF started distributing mosquito nets. Each baby born at the clinic now receives a net from FSF and we would love for this to continue.

We are now seeking funds for 2000 mosquito nets before this years rainy season costing £7 per net. So, if you have any fundraising ideas or would like to make a donation to this appeal do not hesitate to contact us and help prevent the killer disease malaria.