The Fresh Start Foundation is currently supporting rural schools within the Lower River Region of The Gambia. The schools are approximately 75 miles from the capital city Banjul, and most people living in this area are predominantly seasonal farmers whose incomes are based on cultivating groundnuts during the rainy season. This area has little to offer to children and young people and schools within this rural area are attended mainly by children living in abject poverty. Many children do not attend school regularly because parents or care givers cannot afford the educational resources, this in addition to some children having to walk long distances to attend school, a major barrier to accessing education. Many children who do not attend school are drawn to becoming street vendors and are vulnerable to early marriages, especially girls. FSF address this problem by giving every child and young person the opportunity to have access to a basic and uninterrupted education regardless of their backgrounds.

In September 2014, FSF restored and reopened a two classroom block at Kwinella Lower Basic School. The block was destroyed by a storm during the rainy season which left sixty children without a classroom. Consequently, to maintain the continuation of their education the children had to attend in the afternoon. Therefore, the FSF carried out the necessary building work to restore their classrooms to a fully functioning state. In addition, FSF provided all tables and chairs for the sixty children to carry on with their learning during normal school hours.

We provide these schools with much needed educational resources such as: pens, pencils, exercise books, rulers etc.


We also provide furniture such as tables and chairs. 


FSF restore and renovate classrooms.

Classroom before

FSF established a library.


FSF provide school meals.


FSF and friends decorate.

Classroom after

And much more to support the children to access education.