FSF in the press

Help fight malaria

People in Worcester are being asked to help a couple save lives in Africa by funding mosquito nets.

Fresh Start Foundation (FSF) has been launched by Worcester husband and wife Lamin and Rebecca Daffeh to buy mosquito nets for people in Gambia, West Africa.

Malaria, the disease spread by mosquitos, kills a child in Africa every 30 seconds. In the town of Kwinella, where FSF runs a school and health centre supporting more than 700 children, malaria affects thousands.

Mr and Mrs Daffeh are urging people, schools, businesses and organisations to donate money. Each net costs £7 and would be used by an entire family.

Mrs Daffeh said: “We’re asking people to do whatever they can, it doesn’t matter how big or small.”

Taken from the Worcester News. To view the original article click here.